The suction of oil mist in the bearings of hydro turbines

In hydro turbines the requirement for oil mist filtration is similar to that of other turbines. However, there are different parameters that need to be considered. It is important to adjust the vacuum at each bearing (turbines, guide-bearings, generators) individually and vent oil mist locally.


Vacuum at all bearings of your hydro turbine with just one Oil Mist Eliminator

without Franke-Filter with Franke-Filter
one filter for each bearing one oil mist eliminator for all the bearings
daubed with oil premises clean premises - air can be exhausted into turbine hall
maintenance works at several bearings at different locations efficiency of filtration > 99%
different maintenance intervals Oil Mist Eliminator is easily accessible for quick maintenance
no maintenance possible during turbine operation maintenance-free operation of the Oil Mist Eliminator up to 3 years
vacuum is not easy to regulate individually adjustable vacuum for each bearing at one central point


Oil Mist Separators individually for your hydro turbine

In order to fit into the limited space available at hydro stations as well as minimizing the investment costs, FRANKE-Filter has developed a system for multiple-extraction. A centrally installed filter offers the possibility to adjust vacuum at this position for all bearings individually.




FRANKE-Filter has more than 25 years of experience in design and construction of Oil Mist Separators for hydro turbines.

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