Filtration of oil mist at gas, steam and hydro turbines

By generating a vacuum in the lube oil system of your gas, steam or hydro turbine it can be regulated up until the bearings. This prevents lubrication oil and oil mist from escaping. In addition to the suction of oil mist in the bearings FRANKE-Filter offers an ecological benefit: the emerging oil mist is mechanically filtered out from the system and oil is led back to the lube oil tank without impurities. The filtration method used by FRANKE- Filter completely retains additives in the lubrication oil.


5 reasons for extraction of oil mist

  1. Prevention of oil mist leaking from the bearings
  2. Continuous, minimal vacuum in the lube oil system
  3. Reuse of lubrication oil
  4. Complies with environmental regulation
  5. No Pollution from oil mist in the turbine hall

Oil Mist Separators for gas, steam and hydro turbines