Retrofitting turbines with an Oil Mist Separator

The replacement of an existing blower or outdated separator to a more modern unit, FRANKE-Filter can offer various advantages. We support you with planning, execution and assembly of your new Oil Mist Separator on site.  Not only for new units is it important to have good communication with our customers, but also by the retrofit as well, in order to design the unit exactly as per to your requirement. This guarantees optimal operation of the filter unit and complies with current emission values. Moreover, Oil Mist Separators are designed in such a way, that they optimally use the available space and can be integrated into the existing lube oil system. The quality of the mechanically filtered oil remains preserved and all the additives are retained. Therefore, the filtered oil can be led back into the system and is not lost.

We would be glad to offer you a free consultation (also on site) on how to replace the unit with our system.

Advantages of retrofitting

  1. Lifetime of lube oil is extended
  2. Increased efficiency due to savings and high cleanliness of lube oil
  3. Complies with official regulations
  4. Emissions reduction
  5. Cost savings
  6. Oil Mist Separators are connected directly to the existing flange
  7. Exhaust air can be directly led into the turbine hall withou any problems
  8. Lifetime of filter elements is over 30,000 operating hours

Reasons for retrofitting

  1. Replacement of old components
  2. Contaminated turbine hall
  3. Modernisation of the unit
  4. Cost savings
  5. In compliance with the German “TA-Luft“ environmental regulations

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