Oil Mist Separators for gas and diesel engines

For gas and diesel engines it is important to maintain constant vacuum in the Crankshaft housing. FRANKE-Filter Oil Mist Separators allows exact adjustments of vacuum. Due to fluctuations in the crankshaft housing, the separator is equipped with a frequency converter. The pressure transducer records pressure and transmits it to the side channel pump. By alteration of the rotation speed of the side channel pump the vacuum and suction volume are continuously adjusted.


5 advantages of installing an Oil Mist Separator

  1. Continuous pressure in the Crankshaft housing
  2. recycling of valuable lube oil
  3. complies with Germany "TA Luft" regulations
  4. Prevention of oil mist escape
  5. Clean workplace

Oil Mist Separators Individually for your gas and diesel engines

For each application we design an individual solution. The size of the Oil Mist Separator varies from motor to motor. 

FRANKE-Filter possesses more than 25 years of experience in the design and construction of Oil Mist Separators for gas and diesel engines. This enables us to provide a suitable separator for nearly all machines of the renowned manufacturers. 

An Important factor is also ease of maintenance; therefore the execution of a separator is carried out exactly as per to your requirement.

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