Oil Mist at compressors might present a significant hazard and cause severe problems

One of the problems at compressors is lube oil and oil mist exhaust. Due to high pressure impact, lube oil escapes at many spots. The solution to this problem is the individual adjustment of vacuum in the lube oil system of your compressor. Precise adjustment of underpressure prevents lube oil from escaping and further possible leakages are eliminated by the created vacuum.

5 problems at compressors caused by oil mist

  1. Oil mist escapes through leakages and is inhaled by people around
  2. The machine hall is polluted and has to be decontaminated
  3. Maintenance works lead to stillstands of the compressor
  4. Oil mist is easily inflammable and presents fire hazard
  5. Lube oil has to be ordered to refill - meaning again standstill for the entire system

Oil Mist Eliminator - the solution to the problem at your compressor

  • More than 99% of oil mist is filtered and eliminated
  • Employees, machine hall and environment are protected
  • Maintenance works are not necessary thanks to the lifetime of over 30.000 operating hours
  • Lube oil is led back to the lube oil tank - without quality loss - additives remain preserved
  • Compliance with the TA-air regulation
  • Individually adjustable vacuum in the lube oil tank - millibar precise – which is constantly maintained up to the bearings

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