Filter cartridges for an Oil Mist Separator

The precise filtration process requires special micro fibre filter cartridges. Due to their specific characteristics they guarantee a failure-free process and a high separation efficiency for more than 30,000 operating hours. And this virtually maintenance-free. The pressure gauge of the filter unit provides information of the correct time when the filter cartridges should be replaced. This should be done as soon as the micro fibres are almost clogged by contaminants and lube oil particles.  The replacement is very fast and simple. After a few minutes the separator is ready again for operation and provides constant vacuum and unchanged lube oil quality.

Have a look at our 

filter cartridges MFK-032-39.1 and MFK-032-39.3 (new revision: MFK-032-93.4)

filter cartridges MFK-674-39.1 and MFK-674-39.3 (new revision: MFK-674-39.4)


The filter cartridges we use fulfil high standards and have a lifetime of approx. 30,000 operating hours. With the separation of 99.9% and <20mg / m³ residual particles, our filter cartridges comply with all the German “TA-Luft” standards.

Recently, new vendors came up with faked filter cartridges. Please take a look at our comparison between the original Franke Filter elements and the faked ones.

Please write us a message if you are interested in other filter elements like MFK-753-39.1, MFK -753-39.3, MFK-674-39.1 or MFK-674-39.3.

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