Franke-Filter Oil Mist Separators Spare Parts Filter Elements Side Channel Vacuum Pump

Spare parts and services for your Oil Mist Separator

Pressure Gauge Essential for the exact adjustment of vacuum in the oil module
Coalescence filter For separation and recycling of lube oil
Filter cartridges The core element of the Oil Mist Separator
Pleated filter/ Filter pads Separation of cooling lubricants in the extraction of emulsion mist
Side channel vacuum pump Generates the necessary vacuum in the Oil Mist Separator
Frequency converter For compensating the pressure fluctuations in the crankshaft housing of a gas or diesel engine
Assembly & commissioning If required, we also provide service, assembly and commissioning on site
Maintenance We offer maintenance of your Oil Mist Separator on site regularly
Each of the items listed can be ordered from us.

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