Commissioning of an Oil Mist Separator with a single blower

Here you can find a simplified P&ID for explaining the commissioning of an oil mist separator with a single side channel vacuum pump by Franke-Filter. The important assemblies for commissioning are described in detail and the mode of operation is explained below.
Franke-Filter oil mist separator P&ID
1. What type of oil return is used at your application?
Version 1: Siphon
The siphon needs to be filled with oil before commissioning.
Version 2: Installed directly in the oil tank
The oil return has to be below the oil level in the tank.
Version 3: Intermediate tank
To ensure that the oil return is under oil level, the intermediate tank has to be filled with oil before commissioning.
It is important for all versions that the geodetic height (see dimension A = minimum 1200mm) is strictly adhered to.
oil return pipe franke-filter oil mist separator
2. Function of the pressure gauge (S6 and S7)
The pressure gauge (S6) shows the vacuum in the lube oil tank. You should find the recommended value for the vacuum in the operation manual of your turbine manufacturer. The pressure gauge S7 indicates the vacuum behind the filter cartridges which have an initial restriction of approx. 10 mbar to 15 mbar.
Franke-Filter oil mist separator assemblies
3. Setting the vacuum by bypass (S8)
The bypass (S8) has to be open during commissioning. The bypass can then be closed slowly until the desired vacuum in the tank is reached at S6.
4. Side channel vacuum pump (S9)
The rotating direction of the side channel vacuum pump has to be checked before commissioning. This depends on the correct setting at the control box. Please refer to the wiring diagram below for the correct connection of the side channel vacuum pump.
wiring diagram oil mist separator franke-filterFranke-Filter oil mist separator side channel vacuum pump rotation
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