Why Oil Mist is a problem

Oil mist causes various problems for gas, steam and hydro turbines and other rotary machines. With an efficient suction your oil mist problem can be effectively solved.

Turbine and environmental pollution

With an inefficient suction and filtration system of oil mist within the oil module housing, a build up of excessive pollution from oil accumulation will occur in the surroundings of the lube oil system. As a result you will have very oily and slippery walls and floors which could be very dangerous for your health and which could also damage your engines and equipment. In addition to this, the excessive emissions from unfiltered oil mist would be directly deposited onto the surroundings and over expensive equipment.

Loss of lube oil in the turbine

A loss of lube oil through inefficient filtration from oil mist is a problem. Depending on the turbines´ load, 15 litres of oil a day could be vaporised from the lube oil tank.

Health and Safety of employees

When oil mist accumulates it can form a greasy, slippery film on ladders and stairs which increases the risk of serious injury to an employee.
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