The function of an Oil Mist Separator

FRANKE-Filter Oil Mist Separators guarantee high separation efficiency of oil mist from lube oil systems from power stations.


Oil-laden air is led into the filter unit by an integrated side channel vacuum pump via a suction pipe. The required vacuum can be adjusted by a supplied admixed-air valve individually.

Coalescing effect 
Inside the filter housing the aspirated air is led through numerous high-efficient micro fibre cartridges. There the fine oil particles join to larger droplets within the micro fibre and flow downstream by gravity

Oil return 
Oil, collected in the filter surface, is continuously led via an oil return line back into the lube oil tank.

The filter principle saves valuable lubrication oil and contributes to environmental protection.


Safe turbine operation thanks to our Oil Mist Separators

FRANKE-Filter Oil Mist Separators fulfil all the requirements for safe operation of a turbine.
  • Constant vacuum is generated in the entire lube oil system
  • Emerging oil mist is completely mechanically filtered 
  • Chemical composition of lube oil remains intact
  • Filtered lube oil is led back into the tank and can be used again
  • Complies with environmental regulations 
  • The result is clean and dry exhaust air
Individual design and construction

In coordination with our customers we plan, design and construct a custom-fit Oil Mist Separator. Due to such close cooperation we can find the best suitable solution for each application.

Optional accessories
FRANKE-Filter provides additional equipment for further possibilities of adjustment and extension. For example we can also deliver a distribution for suction of up to 4 bearings with one separator.