Oil mist separators from Franke-Filter for oil mist elimination at gas turbines

The suction of oil mist in the bearings of gas turbines

The lube oil cycle of a gas turbine is a sensitive entity which should be protected against environmental influences. FRANKE-Filter Oil Mist Separators provides such protection. Humidity and contaminants are extracted then filtered and lead back to the lube oil cycle. Whereas the additives in oil remain preserved.

The suction of oil mist in the bearings of a gas turbine is carried out via the lube oil system and an Oil Mist Separator is installed directly on the oil system.

Oil Mist Separators Individually for your gas turbine

We design individual solutions for each and every application. The size of an Oil Mist Separator varies from one turbine to another. 

FRANKE-Filter possess more than 25 years of experience in design and construction of Oil Mist Separators for gas turbines. This enables us to provide a suitable separator for nearly all turbines of the renowned manufacturers.

Important factor is also the ease of maintenance, therefore the execution of a separator is adjusted as per the conditions on site.

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