Oil Mist Separators from Franke-Filter for oil mist elimination at gas, steam and hydro turbines

Vacuum in lube oil tank due to Oil Mist Separator

Oil Mist Separator for Turbines

Vacuum in the lube oil tank is our specialty. Our experience in different fields allows us to be a reliable partner when it comes to generation of vacuum in the lube oil tank and filtration of the finest oil mist.

Regardless of application: FRANKE-Filter Oil Mist Separators have a maintenance-free operating period of 2-5 years.





5 reasons in favour of an Oil Mist Separator

  1. Individual vacuum adjustment in lube oil tank
  2. Recycling of Lubrication oil
  3. complies with the German “TA-Luft” regulations
  4. Oil mist is prevented from escaping into the atmosphere
  5. Turbine hall is free from pollution 

Oil Mist Separators for various applications