MFK-674-39.1 and MFK-674-39.3 Filter Elements

The original filter elements MFK-674-39.1 and MFK-674-39.3 from Franke-Filter offer a life-time of approx. 30.000 operating hours. Thus the service life of a filter unit, depending upon operating conditions, is between 2-5 years. Therefore, our Oil Mist Separators offer the comfort of not having to perform any extra maintenance until the next scheduled service of the unit (e.g. turbine, compressor, blower or motor).
Franke-Filter filter elements operate according to the coalescing principle, so that the tiniest oil droplets are collected at the junctions of the micro fibres of a filter cartridge. The regained lube oil is led back to the lube oil tank without change of quality - additives remain preserved. 
Thanks to the high filtration efficiency > 99% the filtered oil can be exhausted into the room without any hazard of contamination.
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Let us remind you to change the filter elements at a given time