Assembly & commissioning of an Oil Mist Separator

During assembly and initial commissioning of an Oil Mist Separator-no matter if carried out by our service technician or your own staff- is comes down to good preparation and fast apllication, in order to avoid cost-effective standstill of a turbine. 
Therefore, FRANKE-Filter plans during the offering period all the necessary connections to the existing flanges, so that assembly on site can be carried out promptly. The installation place of a filter unit can vary depending upon requirement and space conditions.


Installation place is virtually freely selectable 

The easiest, most cost-efficient assembly of a separator is directly on the lube oil tank. In this case the necessary geodetic height is already considered by the specially designed length of the suction pipe. The recycling of the filtered lubrication oil is automatically incorporated through the oil return line.

Apart from this optimal installation option there is a possibility to install the filter unit beside the oil tank with the help of an additional frame at the turbine height. Installations outside the turbine hall as well as outdoors are also possible in the case of limited space in the turbine hall. Just the piping for the raw and clean air should be appropriately laid.

The most important aspect for the failure-free function of all the components is the fore-mentioned geodetic height, which has to be observed at all times. No matter which option is suitable for your application- we would be happy to take over the assembly and supervision of the commissioning.